How to fry cumin mutton?

There are many ways to cook mutton, including fried cumin mutton How to fry cumin mutton?1 Cut the mutton into thin slices for standby Soak the pepper water in hot water in advance 2 Pour pepper water into the mutton, grasp it with your hands until the pepper water is fully absorbed into the mutton 3 Add the soy sauce wine and pepper, add the starch after grasping, and then marinate for ...

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What can undersea earthquakes cause

An undersea earthquake is a sudden fracture of underground rocks and a sharp movement The relative movement and interaction of lithospheric plates along the boundary are the main causes of submarine earthquakes So what will an undersea earthquake cause?Undersea earthquakes can cause tsunamis Tsunamis are destructive waves generated by submarine earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides or me ...

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What is the efficacy and function of green lemon

The outer skin of green lemon is cyan Because it tastes too sour, it is mainly used for juicing, and it is basically not used as fresh food So what is the efficacy and function of green lemon?Expectorant Green lemon has the effect of removing phlegm, and its effect is stronger than that of citrus and orange It can effectively relieve sore throat and cough and reduce the symptoms of dry ...

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How much temperature water is suitable for feet

Many people like to soak their feet in hot water before going to bed Often soaking their feet in hot water is also good for physical and mental health, and foam feet will continue to make people feel relaxed before going to bed How much temperature water is suitable for soaking their feet?The water temperature of the feet should be controlled at about 40 ℃ If the water temperature is too ...

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What is the effect and function of dried oysters

For winter solstice tonic, dried oysters are a good choice Dried oysters are dried products of raw oysters After dehydration, they can be stored conveniently Usually, you only need to soak your hair with water Whether it& 39;s cooking, soup or porridge, they are very delicious What& 39;s the effect and function of dried oysters?Eating dried oysters can improve immunity Dried oysters are rich ...

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What is the function of white granulated sugar

White granulated sugar is edible sugar It is crystalline Its color is very white and very sweet White granulated sugar is not only edible, but also has other functions Let& 39;s take a look at the function of white granulated sugar White granulated sugar is rich in sugar and suitable for patients with hypoglycemia White granulated sugar can be used as seasoning in all kinds of dishes White gr ...

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What's wrong with the washing machine E1

If E1 fault code appears on the washing machine display screen, it indicates that the door is not covered, or the door switch is damaged, or the water inlet is blocked At this time, E1 fault code will be directly displayed It is also relatively simple to handle First try to close the door to see if it can be closed It can be used normally only under the sealed state In addition, take ...

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What does washing machine E10 mean

It must be familiar to mention the washing machine What does E10 mean?E10 fault represents motor thermal protection, which may be caused by too many clothes in the washing machine exceeding the load, or by too long working time of the washing machine At this time, you need to remove some clothes from the washing machine and then continue washing, or turn off the washing machine first, pause for a while, take a rest and then start it ...

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China Pacific Auto insurance customer service telephone number

Since its development, China Pacific Insurance has long been the mainstay of the insurance industry in China The strength of the company is amazing and the honors it has won are countless At the same time, in terms of insurance services, Pacific Insurance has done its best and won the favor of users What& 39;s the customer service number of China Pacific Auto Insurance?Auto insurance direct s ...

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Colorful Lake in China

In the multicolored lake, the water reflects five colors: red, orange, yellow, green and blue, which is very gorgeous, as if it were a fairy tale world So where is the colorful lake?Multicolored lake, located in Minshan Mountain in Northwest Sichuan, stretches thousands of miles Between snow mountains and forests, it is inlaid with many beautiful pearls Jiuzhaigou in Nanping on the north slope o ...

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