What does washing machine E10 mean

It must be familiar to mention the washing machine What does E10 mean?E10 fault represents motor thermal protection, which may be caused by too many clothes in the washing machine exceeding the load, or by too long working time of the washing machine At this time, you need to remove some clothes from the washing machine and then continue washing, or turn off the washing machine first, pause for a while, take a rest and then start it ...

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China Pacific Auto insurance customer service telephone number

Since its development, China Pacific Insurance has long been the mainstay of the insurance industry in China The strength of the company is amazing and the honors it has won are countless At the same time, in terms of insurance services, Pacific Insurance has done its best and won the favor of users What& 39;s the customer service number of China Pacific Auto Insurance?Auto insurance direct s ...

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Colorful Lake in China

In the multicolored lake, the water reflects five colors: red, orange, yellow, green and blue, which is very gorgeous, as if it were a fairy tale world So where is the colorful lake?Multicolored lake, located in Minshan Mountain in Northwest Sichuan, stretches thousands of miles Between snow mountains and forests, it is inlaid with many beautiful pearls Jiuzhaigou in Nanping on the north slope o ...

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Which country does Xishuangbanna belong to?

Xishuangbanna is located at the northern edge of the tropics, with a tropical monsoon climate Xishuangbanna governs one county-level city and two counties In 2019, Xishuangbanna has a population of 790300 ethnic minorities Dai is the main ethnic group and 13 ethnic groups live in the world So which country does Xishuangbanna belong to?Xishuangbanna belongs to the people& 39;s Republic of China Xi ...

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Is the heat of Apple high?

Apple is one of the most common fruits It is rich in nutrients and tastes good It is suitable for adults and children Generally, eating an apple every day is enough Is the heat of Apple high?Apple& 39;s calories are not high Every 100g of apple contains 53 calories Apple is a very healthy fruit It does not contain fat and sodium It contains high fiber and low calories It is very s ...

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What are the low sugar fruits?

Generally speaking, fruits with less than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams belong to relatively low sugar fruits, and there is no absolute sugar free fruit So what are the low sugar fruits?Saussurea involucrata: the content of fructo oligosaccharide is the highest among all plants In addition, it is also rich in amino acids, vitamins, protein, calcium, zinc, magnesium and other trace elements re ...

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Which country does canned herring come from?

Canned herring is a very smelly food in the world Although many people hate canned herring, many people like canned herring So which country does canned herring come from?Canned herring comes from Sweden This kind of canned herring is a traditional local food and almost everyone eats it, but when this kind of canned herring spread on the Internet Many people in other countries simply can& 39;t swallow it after buying it, because the canned herring is so smelly that it& 39;s unbearable to eat it or smell it Many people may not believe it, but if you really don& 39;t believe it, you can buy a can and try it ...

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How to remove acrylic glue?

There are still many kinds of glue on the market If you accidentally touch it during use, you should use methods to remove it So how to remove acrylic glue?1 Slowly scrape off the acrylic adhesive with a blade Be gentle when scraping to prevent scratching the acrylic plate 2 Remove with banana water Banana water can dissolve glue, and the removal effect is very good 3 The thinner of glue can be used During use, it cannot be stuck to other places If it is accidentally touched, wash it with clean water ...

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Where's the area code 021?

Area code refers to the commonly used telephone zoning numbers of the administrative regions of major cities in the world These numbers are mainly used for domestic and international long-distance telephone access So where& 39;s the area code of 021?021 is the district code of Shanghai Shanghai, hereinafter referred to as "Hu" or "Shen", is a provincial administrative region, municipality directly u ...

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What are the must see attractions for a one-day tour in Shanghai

Although there are many scenic spots in Shanghai, they can& 39;t cover the large number of people, so the scenic spots in Shanghai are crowded on holidays So what are the attractions that must be visited during a one-day tour in Shanghai?1 The Bund: it is one of the most famous places in Shanghai The tall buildings around it carry the historical precipitation of many years In particular, t ...

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