Top ten scientific rumor refutation list released in 2021

Rumor 1: "0 sucrose" is sugar free 0 sucrose does not mean no sugar "0 sucrose" can be understood as no sucrose is added, but it does not mean that the food does not contain glucose, maltose, fructose and other sugars "0 sugar" and "0 sucrose" represent different sugar components and sugar content, which are essentially different Rumor 2: lactoferrin toothpaste can kill Helicobacter pylori He ...

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The difference between skimmed milk and whole milk

The biggest difference between whole milk and skimmed milk lies in the different fat content in its milk Full fat milk keeps the original nutrients and fat of milk through scientific disinfection and sterilization procedures Fresh milk contains about 3 8% fat For healthy people, especially adults, the standard of healthy diet is to reduce fat intake in addition to avoiding excess calories Therefo ...

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How do rainbows form?

Rainbows are caused by the dispersion and reflection of small spherical water droplets when sunlight shines into the air When sunlight enters the water drop, it will enter at different angles at the same time, and reflect at different angles in the water drop Among them, the reflection of 40 to 42 degrees is the strongest, resulting in the rainbow we see When this reflection is caused, the ...

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How does rain form?

Rain is a natural precipitation phenomenon, which is produced by atmospheric circulation disturbance When the water on the earth is irradiated by the sunlight, it becomes water vapor, which is evaporated into the air When the water vapor meets the cold air at high altitude, it condenses into small water droplets These small water droplets are very small, with a diameter of only 0 01 ~ 0 02 m ...

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How does the wind form?

Wind is an air flow phenomenon on the earth, which is generally caused by solar radiant heat Sunlight shines on the earth& 39;s surface, raising the temperature of the earth& 39;s surface, and the heated expansion of the air on the earth& 39;s surface becomes lighter and rises After the hot air rises, the low-temperature cold air flows laterally, and the rising air falls due to the gradual cooling and weighting Due to the high surface temperature, it will heat the air to rise This kind of air flow is wind ...

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Is there really a UFO in the world?

UFO generally refers to unidentified flying objects Since the 1940s, a luminous elliptical disk aircraft was found over the United States At that time, newspapers called it "elliptical illuminant", which was the beginning of contemporary interest in UFOs Later, people focused on UFO reports all over the world Now let& 39;s take a look Is there really a UFO in the world?From the current resear ...

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What are the good places to drive in Guangdong?

Guangdong is an important heritage of Lingnan culture It has a unique style in language, customs, living habits, history and culture Guangdong is also one of the provinces with a large population in China So what are the good places to drive in Guangdong?1 Jiuzhaigou in Lingnan: because it is still an undeveloped virgin land, it retains the primitive forest style within a hundred miles More ...

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What are the attractions that must be visited in Chongqing?

Chongqing is a "mountain city", a "fog city", a "stove" Chongqing has beautiful women and hot pot Chongqing is fascinating and a city with beautiful scenery So what are the attractions that must be visited in Chongqing?1 Nanbin Road: located in the center of Chongqing, it faces the Yangtze River in the north and Nanshan in the back, enjoying the most beautiful night scenery in Yuzhong; Bayu ...

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What is the efficacy and function of sour milk?

Sour milk is a kind of drink that people often drink in the morning, because people may think that this kind of drink can make their body healthier than before What is the efficacy and function of sour milk?Supplement human calcium, strengthen bones and promote growth and development;Decompose fat and prevent obesity;Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion and improve appetite;Inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent cancer Beauty can prolong life;Promote brain development and improve memory ...

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What is the effect and function of dried oysters?

Dried oysters are dried products of raw oysters After dehydration, they can be stored conveniently Usually, they only need to be foamed with water Whether they are cooking, boiling soup or porridge, they are very delicious What is the effect and function of dried oysters?Strengthen immunity Dried oysters are rich in excellent protein, liver glycogen, vitamins and minerals, and more than 18 kin ...

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