What happens if you don't eat for so long?

If you want to lose weight scientifically, you should control your mouth and open your legs However, in order to lose weight as soon as possible, some people are mostly eager for merit and take a diet to lose weight What happens if you don& 39;t eat for so long?If you don& 39;t eat for a long time, you are prone to digestive tract diseases, which will lead to increased gastric acid secret ...

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What are the foods with high potassium content?

There are various causes of hypertension in middle-aged and elderly people, including aging, obesity and eating too much salt In a word, there are many causes of hypertension In addition to what we are familiar with, potassium deficiency is also an important cause of elevated blood pressure So what are the foods with high potassium content?There are many foods with high potassium content Fre ...

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What are the hazards of eating cheese?

Cheese tastes sweet and delicious Many children like it But eating too much will do harm to the body, so what are the hazards of eating cheese?Cheese contains body fat and calorific value If you take too much, it may cause signs of obesity and be harmful to your physical and mental health Cheese contains trans fats, which are oleic acid, an unsaturated fat Trans fat is an unhealthy substa ...

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What is the harm of coffee?

Nowadays, drinking coffee has become a way of entertainment for many young people, and many urban people take drinking coffee as a social etiquette So what is the harm of coffee?Lead to anesthesia If a person who often drinks coffee is halved, it will cause symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, fatigue, inattention and nausea The researchers suggest that coffee addiction should also be treat ...

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What is the difference between dry white wine and dry red wine?

Dry red and dry white are not only different in wine color, but also different in brewing technology, drinking temperature regulation and nutritional composition Many people can& 39;t understand the concepts of dry red and dry white So what is the difference between dry white wine and dry red wine?1 Different brewing processes: dry red wine is made from grapes with red skin and white flesh, o ...

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Is mango high in calories?

Mango is a tropical fruit loved by many people It tastes sweet and rich in vitamins and minerals Is mango high in calories?The edible part of 1100 grams of mango has about 52 calories, so the heat of mango is not high in fruits, and it will not get fat if you eat it in moderation Therefore, you can eat some mangoes in moderation even during weight loss However, although the calories of mango are not high, the sugar content is not low If you eat a lot of mango for a long time, if the sugar is not metabolized in time, it can be stored in the body to form human tissue Therefore, eating too much mango may lead to obesity Generally speaking, 1-2 mangoes a day is enough ...

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What are brain foods?

Everyone wants to be smarter So what are brain foods?Kelp: it is not only easy to obtain and buy, but also rich in nutrients In addition to the well-known mineral iodine, omega3 unsaturated fatty acids that help inhibit inflammatory reaction and prevent memory decline, as well as DHA and EPA are rich Eating in moderation is good for human body Banana: Banana with rich nutritional value is ri ...

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What are Thailand's travel strategies?

The full name of Thailand is "Kingdom of Thailand" Thailand is a constitutional monarchy country located in Indochina Peninsula and Southeast Asia Thailand is not only known as "the country of Buddhism", but also as "the country of elephants" It is precisely because of Thailand& 39;s Buddhist state and changeable culture that Thailand has formed a tourist attraction with unique attraction So wha ...

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What are the scenic spots in China?

China has a vast territory, with plains, hills and other landforms There are many scenic spots in China Let& 39;s take a look at the scenic spots in China 1 The Great Wall: the Great Wall was built in the spring and autumn and Warring States period of the fifth century BC The Great Wall is one of the seven wonders of the new era In December 1987, the Great Wall was listed as a world ...

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What are the world's places of interest?

Since ancient times, there have been many places of interest at first sight Now, with the rapid development of transportation, ordinary people can also go to the distance to see, appreciate different scenery and feel the taste of historical precipitation So what are the world& 39;s places of interest?the Leaning Tower of PisaChina: the Great Wall, the terracotta warriors and horses in Xi& 39;an, ...

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