What are the hazards of Manicure?


More and more people who love beauty spend a lot of time on their nails in order to make their hands look more beautiful, which also drives a trend of nail enhancement. So what are the hazards of Manicure?


Nail color becomes yellow and dull: because nail polish contains a large amount of pigment, including various mineral pigments and synthetic pigments. If you use nail polish regularly, these pigments will slowly stick to your nails, which will cause the nails to become darker and shiny.

Nail edge inflammation: if the manicure tools are not thoroughly sterilized, it will indirectly cause fungal infection between the nails. And the chemical solvents in nail polish will also stimulate the skin around the nails, causing the skin of the fingers to harden and easily become inflamed and dry.

Stimulates the human nervous system: if the nail polish used for manicure is not good, especially if acetone and ethyl acetate are added, these two ingredients are easy to produce dizzy irritating odour, and have strong irritation to the human nervous system.

Impeding the normal growth of nails: nail polish often hinders the normal growth of nails, making nails thinner, more brittle and breakable.

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