The difference between skimmed milk and whole milk


The biggest difference between whole milk and skimmed milk lies in the different fat content in its milk.

Full fat milk keeps the original nutrients and fat of milk through scientific disinfection and sterilization procedures. Fresh milk contains about 3.8% fat. For healthy people, especially adults, the standard of healthy diet is to reduce fat intake in addition to avoiding excess calories. Therefore, among the varieties of milk, low-fat milk and skimmed milk are added.

Skimmed milk contains less than 1% fat. If it is homemade, the fresh milk needs to be left overnight or boiled for 3 times to reduce the fat to the minimum. Skimmed milk is more suitable for adults, especially those who need to limit and reduce their intake of saturated fat, because they do not rely on milk for energy supply, and drinking milk is mainly to supplement high-quality protein and calcium in milk.

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