What is the efficacy and function of green lemon


The outer skin of green lemon is cyan. Because it tastes too sour, it is mainly used for juicing, and it is basically not used as fresh food. So what is the efficacy and function of green lemon?


Expectorant. Green lemon has the effect of removing phlegm, and its effect is stronger than that of citrus and orange. It can effectively relieve sore throat and cough and reduce the symptoms of dry throat.

Prevent scurvy. Green lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is the best way to prevent scurvy.

Pregnancy stops vomiting. It may be easy to vomit during pregnancy. When you want to vomit, smelling green lemon has the effect of stopping vomit.

Prevention of gynecological diseases. Studies have pointed out that lemon can effectively improve diseases such as uterine anteversion, uterine ligament prolapse and even amenorrhea.

reduce weight. Lemon has the effect of weight loss. After reasonable modulation, it can effectively reduce points.

Prevention and treatment of kidney stones. A large amount of citrate in lemon can effectively prevent the formation of kidney stones and even dissolve the existing stones.

Eliminate constipation. Green lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is a catalyst to urge defecation. Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning can improve constipation.

Delay aging. Citric acid is a special substance in lemon. It can strengthen the vitality of blood vessels, enhance resistance and delay aging.

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