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What's wrong with the washing machine E1

If E1 fault code appears on the washing machine display screen, it indicates that the door is not covered, or the door switch is damaged, or the water inlet is blocked At this time, E1 fault code will be directly displayed It is also relatively simple to handle First try to close the door to see if it can be closed It can be used normally only under the sealed state In addition, take ...

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What does washing machine E10 mean

It must be familiar to mention the washing machine What does E10 mean?E10 fault represents motor thermal protection, which may be caused by too many clothes in the washing machine exceeding the load, or by too long working time of the washing machine At this time, you need to remove some clothes from the washing machine and then continue washing, or turn off the washing machine first, pause for a while, take a rest and then start it ...

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How to wash men's shirts?

Shirts originated in Europe in the late 1600s After 1900, shirts were popular all over the world So do netizens know how to wash men& 39;s shirts? Interested netizens, let& 39;s have a look Washing method of nylon shirt First soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general detergent (no matter the size of alkali) The washing liquid temperature should not exceed 45 ℃ After wa ...

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How to remove formaldehyde after decoration?

It& 39;s common sense for everyone not to check in immediately after the decoration of a new home, but after the decoration of a new home, you can& 39;t really live in until the formaldehyde is removed to a relatively safe value So how to remove formaldehyde after decoration?The first and most important thing is ventilation, which is also the simplest method, but the effect is not very obvious ...

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What is the decoration guide of Southeast Asian style?

Southeast Asian style is a home design method that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste It is mostly suitable for quiet and elegant, unrestrained and refined decoration So what is the decoration guide of Southeast Asian style?Take materials naturally and make a new face Natural materials are the biggest feature of home furnishings in Southeast ...

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Is the PC material water cup safe?

PC material still has many uses in daily life, one of which is the production of water cups However, some friends want to know, is the PC material water cup safe?The water cup made of PC is safe PC material itself is non-toxic If the conversion of bisphenol A into PC material is incomplete, bisphenol A may be released in case of high temperature, which is toxic and carcinogenic PC is a ...

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Can silk quilt be washed?

Silk quilt is made of high-grade natural fibers in nature, which is known as the second skin of human body However, just because it is a good material, there is always some attention to cleaning Can silk quilt be washed?Silk quilt cannot be washed Because the wet strength of silk is low, it is easy to absorb water, which will destroy the internal fiber structure of silk and lose its fluffy ...

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What about latex pillows?

With the rise of overseas travel, more and more people pay attention to Thailand& 39;s natural latex pillows In the latex bedding market, natural latex pillows also began to occupy a place So what about latex pillows?Latex pillows are made from the juice of rubber trees They are relatively environmentally friendly and have good functions of preventing mites and bacteria However, the elasticity of latex pillows is not very good At the beginning of use, it may lead to neck pain or pillow falling Whether latex pillows are easy to use is mainly determined according to personal preferences ...

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What is tatami?

Tatami is becoming more and more popular in today& 39;s society and is deeply loved by people Many people will design a tatami in line with their own decoration style at home So what is tatami?Tatami, formerly known as "folding bed", is a kind of furniture for people to sit or lie in the room Tatami was introduced into Japan, South Korea and other places from the prosperous Tang Dynasty It ...

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What is the most effective way to dehumidify the room?

When the rainy season comes, people will feel particularly wet and uncomfortable So what is the most effective way to dehumidify the room?Charcoal dehumidification is a widely used and effective dehumidification method at present Now the dehumidification box purchased in the supermarket contains carbon Users can put it in the wardrobe, locker or corner of the room, which can absorb the moisture ...

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