What is the decoration guide of Southeast Asian style?


Southeast Asian style is a home design method that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste. It is mostly suitable for quiet and elegant, unrestrained and refined decoration. So what is the decoration guide of Southeast Asian style?


Take materials naturally and make a new face. Natural materials are the biggest feature of home furnishings in Southeast Asia. Due to its location in the rainy and fertile tropics, most furniture in South Asia are made of local materials, such as rattan in Indonesia, hyacinth, seaweed and other water plants in the river of Malaysia, and pure natural materials such as wood bark in Thailand, which exudes a strong natural flavor. Southeast Asian furniture design often abandons complex decorative lines and replaces them with simple and neat design to create a cool and comfortable feeling for furniture, mostly made of solid wood, bamboo, rattan, hemp and other materials.

The color matching is gorgeous and noble. The most eye-catching decoration in South Asia's home is the colorful Thai pillow. Gorgeous Thai pillow is the best decoration for sofa or bed. Bright yellow fruit, green powder, red powder, purple and other fragrant colors are transformed into exquisite cushions or pillows, which match with the furniture of the primary color system. The fragrant ones become more fragrant and colorful, and the vicissitudes of life become more and more vicissitudes; If the same gorgeous Thai yarn is hung on the screen or shelf at the head of the bed, the Thai yarn will have the appearance of walking through the heart. With the posture of being blown by the wind and dancing with it, there will be a kind of light, lazy and gorgeous in the whole home.

Ecological Jewelry: simple and Zen. Most of them are made of pure natural rattan bamboo teak and made by hand. For example, the bamboo frame photo frame business card holder with exposed bamboo knots has a bit of clumsy and authentic Thai flavor; The uneven teak photo frame has no decoration, but it seems to hide countless Zen opportunities.

Cloth ornaments: warm color ornaments. In the selection of cloth colors, the symbolic dazzling color series of South Asian customs are mostly dark color series, which will change color in the light and show a little noble spirit in calmness. Of course, there are some very simple principles for collocation. Dark furniture is suitable for brightly colored decoration, such as bright red, light yellow and blue; And light colored furniture should choose light color or contrast color. For example, beige can be matched with white or black, which is warm and jumping. The matching effect is always the same.

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