How to wash men's shirts?


Shirts originated in Europe in the late 1600s. After 1900, shirts were popular all over the world. So do netizens know how to wash men's shirts? Interested netizens, let's have a look.


Washing method of nylon shirt. First soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general detergent (no matter the size of alkali). The washing liquid temperature should not exceed 45 ℃. After washing, ventilate and dry in the shade. Don't dry in the sun.

Washing method of acrylic shirt. Polyester fabric washing is similar. First soak in warm water for 15 minutes, and then wash with low alkali detergent. Knead and rub gently. Wash the thick fabric with a soft brush, and finally dehydrate or gently screw off the moisture. Pure acrylic fabric can be dried, but blended fabric should be dried in a cool place.

Polyester shirt washing method. First soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general synthetic detergent. The temperature of the washing solution should not exceed 45 ℃. The dirty part of the collar and cuff can be brushed with a brush. After washing, rinse it, twist it gently, dry it in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose it to the sun, and do not dry it to avoid wrinkles due to heat.

Viscose fiber shirt washing method. Viscose fiber has large shrinkage and low wet strength. It should be soaked with washing and can not be soaked for a long time. Viscose fiber fabric will harden in case of water. Wash it gently to avoid fuzzing or cracking. Use neutral detergent or low alkali detergent. The temperature of washing solution shall not exceed 45 ℃. After washing, fold up the clothes and squeeze out the water in large quantities. Do not twist them. Do not expose to the sun after washing. It should be dried in a cool or ventilated place.

Washing method of wool shirt. Wool is not alkali resistant, so it should be washed with neutral detergent or soap. Wool fabric will shrink and deform in aqueous solution above 30 ℃, so the washing bath temperature should not exceed 40 ℃. Usually room temperature (25 ℃) water is used to prepare detergent aqueous solution. When washing, do not scrub with washboard, that is, wash with washing machine. It should be washed gently, and the washing time should not be too long to prevent cashmere shrinkage.

Washing method of silk shirt. Before washing, soak in water for about 10 minutes, and the soaking time should not be too long. Do not wash with alkaline water. You can choose neutral soap or soap tablets and neutral detergent. The lotion should be slightly warm or room temperature. After washing, gently squeeze the water and avoid twisting. It should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun, let alone dried.

Washing method of linen shirt. Hemp fiber is rigid and has poor holding force. It should be lighter than cotton fabric when washing. Do not use a hard brush and rub hard to avoid fuzzing on the cloth surface. Do not twist hard after washing. Colored fabrics should not be soaked in hot water. They should not be exposed to the sun to avoid fading.

Correct washing of cotton shirts. Cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be washed with various soaps or detergents. Before washing, soak it in water for a few minutes, but not too long to avoid color damage. Close fitting underwear can not be soaked in hot water, so as not to solidify the protein in the sweat stain and adhere to the clothing, and yellow sweat spots will appear.

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