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What are the hazards of eating cheese?

Cheese tastes sweet and delicious Many children like it But eating too much will do harm to the body, so what are the hazards of eating cheese?Cheese contains body fat and calorific value If you take too much, it may cause signs of obesity and be harmful to your physical and mental health Cheese contains trans fats, which are oleic acid, an unsaturated fat Trans fat is an unhealthy substa ...

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What is the harm of coffee?

Nowadays, drinking coffee has become a way of entertainment for many young people, and many urban people take drinking coffee as a social etiquette So what is the harm of coffee?Lead to anesthesia If a person who often drinks coffee is halved, it will cause symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, fatigue, inattention and nausea The researchers suggest that coffee addiction should also be treat ...

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