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How to wash men's shirts?

Shirts originated in Europe in the late 1600s After 1900, shirts were popular all over the world So do netizens know how to wash men& 39;s shirts? Interested netizens, let& 39;s have a look Washing method of nylon shirt First soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general detergent (no matter the size of alkali) The washing liquid temperature should not exceed 45 ℃ After wa ...

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Can silk quilt be washed?

Silk quilt is made of high-grade natural fibers in nature, which is known as the second skin of human body However, just because it is a good material, there is always some attention to cleaning Can silk quilt be washed?Silk quilt cannot be washed Because the wet strength of silk is low, it is easy to absorb water, which will destroy the internal fiber structure of silk and lose its fluffy ...

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What should we pay attention to when washing modal fabrics?

Although modal is also a man-made fiber, it is made of pure natural materials, which is soft and close to the skin It is usually used for the production of women& 39;s underwear Therefore, if it is a bed sheet and quilt cover made of modal material, it is also very worth starting with There is no need to worry about uncomfortable sleeping So what should we pay attention to when washing ...

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Can down jackets be washed with a roller washing machine?

The heaviest and most common clothes that can be worn in winter are down jackets However, some friends want to know, can down jackets be washed with a roller washing machine?Down jacket can be washed by roller washing machine And because the drum washing machine imitates the principle of hitting clothes with a mallet, it will not add burden to clothes, so cleaning will not lead to caking However, you can& 39;t wash down clothes with a wave wheel washing machine It& 39;s not only unclean, but also there& 39;s a risk of explosion ...

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