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When is the opening time of Shanghai undersea world?

Shanghai underwater world is one of the largest marine aquariums in Asia located in the golden area of XiaoLuJiaZui in Pudong It is a world-class modern large-scale marine aquarium jointly invested and built by Singapore Xingya group and China Poly Group So when is the opening time of Shanghai undersea world?Opening hours: 09:00-18:00 from January 1 to September 30; 09:00-21:00 from October 1 to October 8; 09:00-18:00 from October 9 to December 31; The business hours of the National Day golden week and the Spring Festival are 9:00-21:00 Ticket price: 160 yuan Official Tel : 021-58779988 Address: No 1388, Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai ...

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Is there really a UFO in the world?

UFO generally refers to unidentified flying objects Since the 1940s, a luminous elliptical disk aircraft was found over the United States At that time, newspapers called it "elliptical illuminant", which was the beginning of contemporary interest in UFOs Later, people focused on UFO reports all over the world Now let& 39;s take a look Is there really a UFO in the world?From the current resear ...

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What are the world's places of interest?

Since ancient times, there have been many places of interest at first sight Now, with the rapid development of transportation, ordinary people can also go to the distance to see, appreciate different scenery and feel the taste of historical precipitation So what are the world& 39;s places of interest?the Leaning Tower of PisaChina: the Great Wall, the terracotta warriors and horses in Xi& 39;an, ...

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