What are the interesting places on the Bund of Shanghai?


Shanghai is a modern metropolis and a very popular tourist city. It attracts many tourists every year. Let's take a look at some interesting places on the Bund of Shanghai.


1. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel: moving slowly along the tunnel, you can see the colorful and unpredictable decorations on the inner wall of the tunnel, which will arouse people's infinite reverie. In addition to the visual beauty, the beautiful music from the carriage will also make people intoxicated and imaginative.

2. Wai Bai Du bridge: the 100 year old bridge is closer to the mouth of the river, and no longer needs to cross the river after the bridge is built, it is called "Wai Bai Du Qiao". The bridge was designed by British engineers.

3. Bund History Memorial Hall: the graphic materials in the exhibition hall record in detail the century old history of the Bund of Shanghai, especially the reliefs on the walls, which clearly show the historical scene at that time, which is worthy of future generations to visit and cultivate their sentiment.

4. Valentine's wall on the Bund: the Valentine's wall on the Bund is actually a sightseeing platform on the flood control wall beside the Huangpu River. There are seats on the sightseeing platform, which has become a common choice for lovers. On a rainy night, it is crowded with dating lovers.

5. Huangpu Park: This is the oldest European garden in Shanghai, with a history of more than 120 years. The environment is quiet and suitable for walking. It is very suitable to enjoy the night view of Huangpu River here at night.

6. Bund viewing Avenue: walk along Guangjing avenue to enjoy the infinite scenery of Huangpu River.

7. Chen Yi square: it was established to commemorate Marshal Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai in New China. In the center of the square is a huge statue of Marshal Chen Yi, 5.6 meters high and cast in bronze.

8. Chen Yi sculpture: the statue of Marshal stands in the center of the square, and the rapid development and changes of Shanghai are in his eyes. The statue is surrounded by a fountain. There will be gorgeous light projection at night, which is extremely beautiful.

9. Pujiang River Tour: it is an excellent way for tourists to visit. Taking a boat, starting from the bustling beach of Shanghai, moving slowly along the river, and slowly appreciating the various buildings around, you will have a different feeling.

10. Granite relief: located in Huangpu Park, the relief shows the revolutionary struggle of the Shanghai people from 1840 to 1949 in a realistic way. The two wings are engraved with decorative wreath patterns in memory of the revolutionary martyrs.

11. Shiliupu: Shiliupu is close to the water and the city. It is the water portal of Shanghai. There is also a Shiliupu Shanghai passenger terminal.

12. Urban sculpture group: also known as "urban eye", it is one of the projects to beautify the city in Shanghai. It is mainly composed of three stainless steel sculptures: "light of Pujiang River", "sail" and "wind".

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