What are Thailand's travel strategies?


The full name of Thailand is "Kingdom of Thailand". Thailand is a constitutional monarchy country located in Indochina Peninsula and Southeast Asia. Thailand is not only known as "the country of Buddhism", but also as "the country of elephants". It is precisely because of Thailand's Buddhist state and changeable culture that Thailand has formed a tourist attraction with unique attraction. So what are Thailand's travel strategies?


1. Grand palace. Also known as the king's palace and the Forbidden City, it is the Royal Palace of the Thai royal family. It is a large-scale ancient building in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. The Grand Palace was built in 1782. The style in the palace is very National. After the expansion and repair of kings of previous dynasties, some art exhibitions such as paintings have the style of different periods.

2. Jade Buddha Temple. Located in the northeast corner of Bangkok, Thailand, it is the most famous Buddhist temple in Thailand and one of Thailand's national treasures. There are Buddha bone hall, sutra hall, gold pagoda, jade Buddha Hall, bell tower, etc. The Jade Buddha Hall is the main building. The Jade Buddha Temple carries the ceremony of dressing the Jade Buddha in person by kings of all dynasties during the season change. When the new government takes office, they should also take an oath at the Jade Buddha Temple.

3. Phuket: it is the largest island in Thailand and the most representative tourist destination in Southeast Asia. If you travel to Thailand, Phuket is the land after all.

4. Pattaya: it has the reputation of "Oriental Hawaii". Food is a world-famous seaside resort. The climate here is pleasant, 360 days a year, which is basically suitable for tourism!

5. Bangkok Chinatown: it is composed of us Chinese. Bangkok Chinatown is one of the most prosperous business districts in Thailand. It has a history of 200 years. Here you can feel the rich Chaoshan style. When you're here, you feel at home.

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