How high is the bungee jumping tower in Macao?


In addition to the scenic spots, the tourist tower in Macao also has some exciting and fun projects. How high is the bungee jumping tower in Macao? Let's have a look.


The world's highest bungee jumping point is located in the tourism tower in Macao, China. From the ground to its highest point, the total height is 338 meters and 1109 feet (56 floors). The subjective light layer is 223 meters above the ground and 732 feet high. It is the 10th independent sightseeing tower in the world and one of the members of the world tower alliance.

Get on the high-speed elevator and you can reach the sightseeing floor in a few minutes. Order a cup of coffee. Through the bright glass window, you can overlook the whole Macao and Zhuhai. If the weather is good, you can also see Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

The body can withstand wind speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour, and the long pole cast of steel on the top of the tower is 90 meters high. The highest part of the tower is 338 meters. Looking around from the highest sightseeing floor in the tower, you can enjoy the scenery within 55 kilometers. The 61st floor is the exterior light corridor, the 60th floor is the 360 ° revolving restaurant, the 59th floor is the 180 ° air bar, and the 58th floor is the main sightseeing floor. On the 57th floor is the famous "air walk".

"Flying man in the air" -- put on special clothes and "fly" to the ground in the form of free fall in 233 meters high and pulled by two steel wires. The time is only about 20 seconds.

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