Colorful Lake in China



In the multicolored lake, the water reflects five colors: red, orange, yellow, green and blue, which is very gorgeous, as if it were a fairy tale world. So where is the colorful lake?

Multicolored lake, located in Minshan Mountain in Northwest Sichuan, stretches thousands of miles. Between snow mountains and forests, it is inlaid with many beautiful pearls.

Jiuzhaigou in Nanping on the north slope of Minshan Mountain is sandwiched between snow mountains and virgin forests on both sides. The Qingxi river formed by snow water flows from the ditch like steps, sometimes rushing and splashing, sometimes gurgling, connecting 108 cliff depressions in Jiuzhaigou into a long string of colored pearls and waterfalls. The 108 lakes are large and small. The largest one is seven kilometers long and 300 meters wide. The water of the lake is very clear. The reflection of snow peak and green forest is reflected by each other. There are countless fish, big and small. There is a lake. Under the trees on both sides, strange flowers and plants are lush. The bright red mountain locust, purple apricot, yellowish Linden leaves and dark orange yellow cot reflect the lake in colorful colors.

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